Simple Winter Tree Activities for Kids

Autumn is the showy time for many trees, when kids, teachers, and parents talk about and collect their bright leaves. But what about winter?

You can keep the tree conversation going through the colder season by making observations on walks and other outings. Follow your budding naturalist’s lead when you can, but bring a few ideas to jumpstart exploration if his or her attention wanders.

Here are some simple activities you might try:

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For fall tree activities, see “Autumn Leaves: Simple Science and Activities for Kids.”

For five tips to help children identify trees in northeastern U.S. forests, see “Moose-Spruce and Goose-Foot.”

For a grown-up view on winter tree identification, see “Tree Detective: Identifying ash and maple in winter.”

Photo of a bare-branched maple tree in winter by Jerry and Marcy Monkman.

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