Snow Moon

Moonlit NightWe caught last night’s full moon, called the “Snow Moon” by some, when it was still low in the sky. Jim, Virgil, and I had planned a “winter break” sauna to coincide with the full moon, and felt lucky that it also coincided with a short warming spell.

The snow had been melting all day. Earlier, Virgil had discovered icy pools of water created by meltwater running off the roof and had completely soaked his snow boots, of course. The drip, drip, drip continued even after sunset, even when we stepped out for an evening stroll to the sauna.

In Northern New England you know winter has been around a long time when 35 degrees feels like spring. It did, though: warm against my skin, compared to the bitter chill we'd had earlier in the week. The springlike feeling was helped along, perhaps, by the moon, which shone so brightly that we didn’t need a headlamp to find our way through the field.

A bit later, we sat wrapped in towels on the bench under the sauna porch, steam rising off our bare skin. Clouds were coming in, with rain in the forecast. Somehow, the moon seemed to slip into every opening, every gap between clouds. Virgil and Jim howled up at the moon.

I thought about our good fortune — and not just for the warmth of the weather and the warmth of the sauna. I felt especially fortunate for the chance to get an eight-year-old boy out into the changing season, where he could touch it, and into the night, lit by the snow moon.

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Photo credit: Tania Simpson.

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