Hut, Hut, Hut!

“Our job is to enjoy the mountains and help others do the same.”

That lovely quote is from George Heinrichs, hutmaster at Greenleaf Hut for the 2010 summer season, who I profiled here last month. His quote appears in a round-up of the season’s hutmasters for the eight AMC huts. (Read the round-up and other articles about the huts in AMC Outdoors.)

Such a simple sentiment, really: “Our job is to enjoy the mountains.” I know George is referring to his work in the huts. But when I read his words at the top of Heather Stephenson’s publisher’s note, I suddenly had an urge to head into the alpine zone myself. I’m at a different stage of life than George and the other hut croo, but Jim and I and the kids can still spend a day or two at the high hotels called huts that stretch roughly a day's hike apart from each other along the Appalachian Trail over the peaks of the White Mountains.

I went online and realized that plenty of other people have already felt this urge. I’m not saying the huts are full . . . yet. But there are already stretches, looking at July and August, when one or another hut is full up on Saturday night, or for several days in a row even midweek. It’s a reminder to me that if we want to see George in his glory this summer, or any of the other hut croo, we’d better get going.

You, too.

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Read "The Hut Life" and "Meet the 2010 Hutmasters" in AMC Outdoors (May/June 2010).
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Photo credit: Kids playing near Madison Spring Hut. Herb Swanson, courtesy of AMC.

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