More EXtensions of Holiday Fun

People have been nice enough to share other ideas for the alphabet of holiday fun. Here are several ideas for the five letters — E, J, Q, X, and Y — that were missing from my earlier alphabetical list.

Trish Epstein shared these suggestions on the AMC Facebook page:

Eat new foods — try new things! Eggnog with nutmeg. Exploring in the woods... or in the attic.
Juggling and other pursuits that require practice... Jokes in joke-books, holiday jello molds, jump-roping contests in the basement. (Great on blustery, indoors days!)
Quiet! Appreciate the quiet wherever you find it, especially in the woods, especially when it’s snowing. Quell the noise for a bit. (This mother likes that last idea!)
• Avoid the need to be X-rayed after winter sports pursuits; instead, eXamine snowflakes under magnification! Act eXuberant!
Yodel when standing atop a mountain. Do some yoga. Yawn after all these activities, and before the Zzzzzzzzzzzz’s....

And one great idea came in that combines many letters: Helen Wybrow of Knoll Farm in Vermont sent along a photo of the bird-feeding snowman she made with her children. They placed birdseed in the snowman’s outstretched hands and on top of his hat, and watched the birds feast.

Many thanks to Trish and Helen, and Happy New Year!

Photo credit: Helen Whybrow

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